Get The Tools And Support To Start Your Own Group At Home WITHOUT Doing It Alone

Become A Cross Waves HotSpot Host.

About Cross Waves

We are a church that meets in the home.

We give you the knowledge, resources, and structure to share your faith with your family and friends in your own home.

What You'll Learn

How You Can Share Jesus With Your Family And Friends At Home

And be the disciple-maker you're called to be.

1. The HotSpot Host

Learn what being a HotSpot host looks like.

2. You Can Do This!

How YOU can become a host and what that could look like.

3. The Cross Waves Solution

Why choose Cross Waves Church...

4. The Four Weekly Components To A HotSpot

Learn what the 4 parts of each HotSpot gathering.

5. Discipleship Taught By Jesus

Learn what Discipleship really means by examining the Bible and how we can apply to today.

6. Cross Waves Church Distinctions

Learn what makes Cross Waves Church unique.

Even If You've Never Tried Anything Like This

We make it easy to have church in your own home even if you've never tried it before.

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